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Welcome to our 'Learning through Observation' package centred on our brand new Teaching and Learning footage. Throughout my career, I've witnessed the efforts we all make. Somehow though, those efforts are disjointed, creating an 'us and them' feeling between teachers and managers and a culture of fear in which enthusiasm is lost and innovation fails to thrive. My quest, and yours I'm sure, is instead, to make those efforts count. That is what this package is for. It's to help us use observation to meaningfully improve learning. It's to help us all learn from observation. It's to help teachers, managers, and observers work together to make improvement happen.




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The Package Breakdown

This package contains:

  • Footage from learning sessions at Hadlow College including:
    • 10 lightly edited learning sessions of between 30-50 minutes each (all with a different added message)
    • 3 'rounds' of learning walks with 8-15 (minute) segments of between 4-6 sessions
    • Some learner conversations in sessions
    • Some teacher conversations following sessions
    • Transcripts from further in session teacher and learner conversations
  • A whole learning package with separate routes for trainers, teachers (including tutors and assessors) and observers (coaches and managers too) including:
    • A 5 part exercise for teachers
    • 14 different exercises for observers / managers
    • Observation and conversation records completed by experienced inspectors / expert teaching and learning coaches
    • Prompts for discussion, based on messages from the different lessons to accelerate and deepen learning.

There is no need to download any software and the training can be accessed 24/7 to allow colleagues to manage their own learning at a pace that suits them.



This package can be used in many different ways including:

1. Used to develop observers / coaches skills

You can use just one session, or one round of learning walks, at anytime to observe, reflect upon, and discuss. This helps observers and coaches to:

  • Improve and refine their observation skills
  • Focus on learners and their experience rather than teachers
  • Focus on the impact on learning, not on the processes used
  • Develop a learning mind-set (where we recognise we don't have all the answers about learning)
  • Recognise some potential observation pitfalls
  • Make less assumptions
  • Remain open minded during observation of learning
  • Be inquisitive
  • Seek to understand learners and teachers
  • Take a positive, collaborative approach
  • Learn how to empower teachers to improve learners' experiences.


2. Used by observers (including managers and coaches) as training for holistic evaluation and improvement of the quality of learners' experience (self-assessment and improvement)

This is not just about observing one session. All the activity presented can be collated and analysed to summarise what is known about the learners' experiences within a department and what is not yet known, which can then be used to further consider what might improve and how this might happen.

The training encourages observers to:

  • Think about the bigger picture rather than observe single sessions in isolation
  • Consider the quality of learners' experience over time and on an average day (what it's really like)
  • Collate and analyse all the information we have that tells us about learners' experiences (not just observations)
  • Think objectively
  • Take an open and honest approach and one in which managers / observers / teachers learn about learning together
  • Explore how positive improvement can happen and the important factors to consider.

All of this adds up to creating a positive evaluation and improvement of learning culture.



3. Use to support teachers to develop practice and improve their learners' experience

Teachers can observe one session, several, or a round of learning walks, analysing how learners experience the session/s and activities and reflecting on their own practice. This can support them to consider and discuss new practices with others, try out new strategies with their learners and help them to better understand their own learners. The important thing is the creation of dialogue amongst teachers about learning. It's that simple.


Once you have decided on the route to take you can head over to learn about How to use the Learning Package.